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Roman Numeral Wedding Bands

Roman Numeral Rings

Roman Numeral Wedding Rings

§  Roman Numeral Wedding Bands are a distinctive way to commemorate your wedding date, anniversary, child’s birth, graduation, or any other noteworthy occasion.  For the bride and groom, Roman Numeral Rings offer a unique way to mark the day you began your life together.  And for those who embrace numerology (the belief in the influence of numbers upon the life of an individual), Roman Numeral Wedding Bands have limitless gift opportunities! 

§  Roman Numeral Rings are created by taking the date of your special event, translating it into Roman numerals (please see chart below) and inscribing it on the band of your ring.  The date April 24th, 1993, for example, would be written: “IV . XXIV . MCMXCIII.”  Choose from a variety of widths, edges, rails, grooves, millgrains, and finishes to create a ring as personal as the memory it symbolizes.   Let Unique Titanium Wedding Rings bring your ring design ideas into fruition.

Roman Numeral
Translation Chart:
M = 1000
C = 100
L = 50
X = 10
V = 5

I = 1

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  1. these are wonderful wedding rings! i hope it will surely match the crystal wedding jewelry sets worn by the bride on the wedding day.

  2. If you get the one with the diamond it will surely match :)