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A Truly Unique Ring

The Damascus Ring.

The making of Damascus Steel is an old form of metalworking generally used in swords.  It is made by welding different types of iron and steel together and then folding.  This process makes each piece unique.

If you want more information on Damascus Steel Visit "A Laymen's Understanding of Damascus Steel."

Unique titanium wedding rings offers Damascus Steel in five patterns.  The standard twist and four fascinating patterns Tiger, Zebra, Flat Twist and Basket Weave.

Damascus may not be suited for everyone such as people with metal/nickel allergies.  This type of ring also has some special care instructions.  Damascus Steel Facts & Care

Visit Unique Titanium Wedding Rings to see these truly unique Rings.  Damascus Rings at Unique Titanium Wedding Rings.


  1. I regularly follow your blog posts which are quite interesting and gives me insight into what kind of rings are in fashion for wedding. I did'nt know about this metal. Quite unique!

  2. The carbon fiber rings makes it so unique! I really like this ring. It is quite manly, which is a good thing.

  3. These rings pattern are beautiful and unique. This is really an amazing thing for your big day. I really like your blog please share few more designs.