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Cobalt Chrome with Sapphires

Love Sapphires!  Lashbrook Designs has introduced two beautiful cobalt chrome wedding rings with sapphires and sapphires and diamonds.

Sapphire Wedding Rings by Lashbrook Designs

Shown here Cobalt Chrome Sapphire and Diamond Cobalt Chrome Wedding Ring with grooves.  8 mm wide and the design is 1/2 way around the ring and has a satin finish.  The second is a sapphire eternity wedding band.  8mm wide Square Cobalt Chrome wedding ring with 2 mm square Sapphires around the entire band with cross satin finish.  

Check them out at Unique Titanium Wedding Rings 


  1. This Cobalt Chrome with Sapphires and diamond is sooo beautiful and's too unique and gripping.I am in love with it..Thanks for sharing it